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Every young person should be taught how to turn basic fresh ingredients into tasty and nutritious food, yet access to well taught cookery lessons is often dependent on where you live and which school you go to. If you can cook from scratch you can do so much more than just feed yourselves and your family and friends. You can be fitter and healthier; you can learn a whole range of transferable life skills such as budgeting, organisation, numeracy and literacy; you can gain the self- confidence to socialise and interact with people and communities around the corner and across the world; you can become a highly valued employee in a huge range of sectors including hospitality, food production, education, retail, journalism and more.

Leiths understands how challenging and daunting it can be to learn to cook and teach others how to cook; especially where so many schools and communities do not have the space or the people to deliver cookery lessons. This is why Leiths Academy is leading the way to enable young people access to effective cookery lessons regardless of postcode or lifestyle.

Leiths is providing courses, resources and support to help deliver cookery in schools or the community with a hands-on team of people, with years of experience delivering cookery in a whole range of different places and spaces, large and small.

Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced cookery teacher; whether you have a cookery department or no facilities at all; whether you are a school, a community leader or a parent; we can help you teach young people to cook. All you need is to believe in the power of cookery and the importance of teaching children and young adults how to cook from scratch. We can help you do the rest.

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