Leiths CTH Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills

A practical GCSE level course for students who flourish with hands on practical cookery.

This is a practical, skills based GCSE level course accredited by Leiths and Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, suitable for pupils thrive on hands-on kinaesthetic learning, working knowledge of a wide range of ingredients and recipes. It is a five term course designed to fit into the GCSE timetable with one single theory lesson and one double practical lesson per week. The core food preparation skills are combined with modern themes including seasonality, sustainability, and cultural influences. This course is also the first step of a clear learning pathway onto Level 3 in sixth form and Level 4 at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. Note, you will need to become a Leiths Academy School to deliver this course.

Weekly tasting and marking of all dishes and an evaluated on-line recipe log held within our on-line portal help pupils and teachers track progress and the final grade of pass (55-69%), merit (70 – 84%) or distinction(85%) grades are awarded after two practical cooking exams and an on-line food hygiene exam. This course also prepares students for progression onto the CTH Level 3 Extended Certificate in Professional Cookery.

Teachers and students are supported throughout the course by termly visits from Leiths teachers who also manage and assess the final practical exams. Coursework is submitted via our dedicated on-line portal and is also maked and internally verified by Leiths Academy staff.

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