Leiths Academy Kitchen, 10 yrs +

App based cookery sessions for pupils aged 10-16, at school, home, community and Duke of Edinburgh.

Leiths Academy Kitchen (LAK) is a unique online cookery opportunity for the whole school cookery curriculum. LAK is a brand new, enjoyable approach to practical, hands-on cookery for every pupil from 10 – 18 as well as community groups. This adaptable and flexible app based cookery resource is suitable for a wide range of schools, scenarios and settings particularly where there are no cooking facilities or a food / cookery teacher. You do not need to be a Leiths Academy School to delivery the Leiths Academy Kitchen.

Our innovative app based cookery courses are designed to be used as part of a successful KS3 carousel curriculum as well as for after school and lunchtime clubs and activities. Whether you are looking to introduce cookery into your school curriculum for the first time or are looking to update your longstanding and tired set of cookery resources, our Academy Kitchen can help you transform or establish cookery in your school.

The courses are delivered via 50 minute step by step cookery videos led by Leiths teachers and all recipes are designed to be made within one hour either by an individual student working independently, or a pair of students working together. If you’re concerned that this experience will be no better than following a video, think again! Leiths Academy Kitchen is based on the cutting edge technology provided by our digital partners at Workshop. Leiths has been successfully delivering online professional courses via this platform since 2018 so we know that learners of all ages find it intuitive and enjoyable. In fact many students prefer it, as they can work at their own pace. This technology allows pupils to engage in the task safely at school or at home via their mobile, tablet or laptop and a qualified Leiths cookery teacher will provide feedback via the lead adult or classroom teacher.

Leiths Academy Kitchen includes a range of interactive resources including scalable shopping lists to allow for ease of ordering and full instructions for a ‘kit of ingredients’ to be provided with a secure pin access to the app, to enable pupils to cook at home. All recipes serve four with a focus on modern family meals using seasonal and sustainable ingredients and each student receives a personalised certificate at the end of the course. Leith Academy Kitchen also fits the criteria for Duke of Edinburgh bronze, silver and gold skills.

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