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We offer accredited cookery qualifications and life-skills cookery lessons for pupils from 10 years of age for employment, enjoyment and life.

Our practical hands-on courses champion cooking from scratch in every session.

Life skills cookery courses

If you are looking for a KS3 carousel, a cookery club, or the ultimate sixth form course to fuel a lifetime of confident cooking as well as the skills for part-time and gap year employment, Leiths life-skills delivers on all these needs

Certification cookery courses

Leiths Academy offers two certified culinary courses encompassing a broad range of core and transferable skills. Accredited by Leiths and CTH (the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality), these courses are unique in their focus on developing knowledge and skills which not only instil a lifelong love of cooking, but also contribute to other areas of the curriculum, from developing fine motor skills; to mental arithmetic, science and creative thinking. Students who complete the Level 3 course are also well on their way to a fulfilling career in the food industry.

Our unique approach means that your teachers will be supported by regular visits from expert Leiths teachers, and CPD courses are offered for teacher development. Our support team is here to help your school to deliver the very best culinary education to your students.

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+44 (0)20 8749 6400

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